At Incovit we stand out for the excellence of our raw material for the creation of distinctive products.
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Quality from the Raw Material

Incovit's Essence in Vinegar Production

We are suppliers of raw materials in the vinegar industry, offering high quality musts and syrup for the production of vinegars and balsamic vinegars.

Beyond simply supplying inputs, we have conceived a project that focuses on providing our customers with excellent quality raw materials so that everyone can intervene creatively, thus achieving a transformation that brings out the best in our product base. We seek to be not only suppliers, but true partners of our customers, in the process of creating distinctive products.


Innovation and efficiency in processing

Wine vinegar is obtained by means of an oxidation process, in which the incorporated yeasts transform the alcohol present in the wine into acetic acid, the distinctive component of vinegar.

The biotechnological process for the production of vinegar involves biological oxidation and there are two fundamental methods for its production: surface cultivation and submerged cultivation.

The surface cultivation method, although traditional, tends to be slow. For this reason, technology has evolved, leading to the development of equipment for continuous submerged acetification, which ensures both quality and optimum yields.

At Incovit, we use German technology and we use an equipment called V-75 generator or acetator for the production of vingre.

This is fully automated and carries the renowned HEINRICH FRINGS brand, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standards.​